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Three Kinds of Heating Oil Companies

Three Jamie Oil Trucks

After you have been in the same business in the same area for over twenty years, you should be able to figure out just what is going on. While it seems as if a new company pops up selling heating oil just about every few months, all providers of retail home heating oil fall into… Read More

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FDR and Something to Remember

National Archives and Records Administration / Public domain

To most people, the acronym FDR stands for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 34th President of the United States, who worked brilliantly with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in an effort to save democracy and win World War II. At Jamie Oil, FDR means something entirely different. To us FDR stands for the three most important… Read More

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Jamie Oil Beats Mayhem

We have all seen the television ads for the insurance company where the character called “Mayhem”, dressed in a black suit, white shirt and black tie, flies off of the back of a pickup truck or falls thirty feet causing extensive injury to himself, others and damage to their property. This past winter, Mayhem hit… Read More

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The Tale of Lester Greene

By Tom Carey The year was 1982, my first in the oil business. I was working for Hess Oil at the time, supplying fuel oil to large industrial institutions in Connecticut. Among our larger customers were General Electric, Dow Chemical and Yale University. In the fall of ’82 I met a man named Lester Green…. Read More

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And then it snowed….

In the heating oil business, January 21st marks the mid point of our season. At that point this past winter, we were having a slightly warmer than normal heating season and everybody was talking about the Super Bowl bound New England Patriots. Nobody was talking about the weather. Then everything changed. In late January it… Read More

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Some things don’t change…

Some of us remember the oil shortages of the 1970’s. We all have heard about them. I remember waiting in line as gasoline was rationed by stations in our hometown. What most people take for granted is the twenty- five year period of relatively inexpensive oil prices that followed the Iranian Revolution and the Arab… Read More

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