I can say I couldn’t be happier as a customer of Jamie Oil for over 5 years now.

Oil Fill Up: The agreement I signed (and read by the way) was that Jamie Oil would come by and fill up my tank on a regular basis (paraphrased) or I could call for a fill up if needed. I generally pre-pay for a certain amount of oil each winter and they have been extremely helpful each year in reviewing my account to try and determine how much to buy. With a few years of being a customer now, I have bought almost to the penny the last two winters by March my pre-pay is used up.

After the pre-pay runs out I am on the daily rate they offer. Some times that rate is higher than what I pre-paid for, but when I am out of pre-pay oil the agreement I signed says I pay the daily rate (this is common sense to me but I see complaints about this).

Maintenance: Both my furnace and central air unit are under maintenance contracts with Jamie Oil. If I have a problem I call up, get a human right away (no annoying voice prompts to get to the right department) and am generally off the phone in a few minutes. Part of that contract is a yearly tune-up, which does require some scheduling in advance but that again to me is completely reasonable. The techs that have come out have always been polite and helpful and answer any questions I have. To be fair, one time I received a bill for the tech coming out even though it was under maintenance – this was resolved with a 2 minute phone call (no one is perfect) and no hassle at all.

As with anything, you need to understand what you are signing up for (also I was never asked to have a credit report run when I signed up, maybe that is for a different plan).

Jamie Oil has been fantastic to work with and always reasonable when I have questions.

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