Flaherty Plumbing merges with JOC

JOC Becomes Generac Generator Dealer – Don’t get left out in the Dark!

We are pleased to announce that we are now officially a Generac Generator Dealer!

Have you ever been enjoying your favorite show on a snowy night and suddenly, your house is pitch black? Power outages happen at the least opportune time for us all.

When you lose power, your heating system will not operate, exposing you to the risks of frozen pipes and the discomfort of cold showers. Generators have become more and more common for many of our customers, especially as people work from home, enjoy family nights watching Netflix, and really rely on power to heat their home and hot water.

Avoid the hassle of losing power and call us today for a quote on installing a Genrac generator.

As we rely more and more on our electrical grid, propane fired generators become a necessity.

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