Did You Know?

Replacing an old inefficient boiler with a new cleaner burning oil fired boiler can reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 30%.

Heating your domestic hot water (showers, etc.) with oil is less expensive and more efficient than electric.

Most New England based oil companies evolved from the local “Ice and Coal” companies that popped up after World War I.

Today’s heating oil, which burns cleaner than ever before, will be comparable to natural gas in regard to particulate emissions this winter.

Air conditioning tune ups can only be performed in 60+ degree weather to properly set the pressure in the units and service techs run the risk of electrocution if they work on A/C units in the rain.

Most cars run more efficiently (increased miles per gallon) on 87 octane gasoline than premium grades (89 to 93 octane).

At current prices, it is cheaper to heat your house with oil rather than wood or pellets.  Those of you who are going through the exhaustive and inconvenient hassle of burning pellets and hardwood are wasting time and money.

Mass Save continues to offer qualified homeowners 0% financing on many heating and air conditioning system installations.

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