What is Downside Protection?

Downside protection is an option Jamie Oil offers at an additional cost which ensures that your price per gallon will decrease should oil prices fall after you have locked in.  If you choose to purchase downside protection when you sign a contract, and our daily posted price is less than the rate you locked in…

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Did You Know?

Replacing an old inefficient boiler with a new cleaner burning oil fired boiler can reduce your fuel consumption by as much as 30%. Heating your domestic hot water (showers, etc.) with oil is less expensive and more efficient than electric. Most New England based oil companies evolved from the local “Ice and Coal” companies that…

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Service Policies, Health and Long Life

None of us are getting any younger, and that goes for your furnaces and boilers also.  So that leads us to the question “Is buying a service policy a good idea?”  We think so. Jamie Oil offers 3 different levels of service policies to suit your specific needs.   All equipment should be cleaned/tuned up annually…

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To Lock In Or Not To Lock In?

Every summer our customers wrestle with whether to lock in to a fixed price program, a capped price program or pay our daily market rate for oil deliveries next season. Below please find ten things you should know prior to making your decision. It is your decision. Jamie Oil neither encourages nor requires any customer…

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Will Oil Prices Remain Low?

Every year many of our customers wrestle with this issue. Should they lock in before prices rise in the winter? Should they wait and see what prices do in the fall, and perhaps lock in then? Should they pass on the opportunity to enter into a fixed rate contract and hope to “ride the market…

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