Metrowest and Jamie Oil Merge

Summer 2017 Newsletter

In this Issue In the Summer of 2017 Newsletter Issue Jamie Oil announces it’s merger with Metrowest Oil; Answers questions and reveals the “Secret Formula”?; Discusses the fall of oil prices after the OPEC meeting; Jamie Oil reveals it is now a distributor for Carrier Products; and introduces our new Tank Insurance Program.

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And Then It Snowed…

Spring 2015 Newsletter

In this Issue In the 2015 Spring Newsletter edition, Tom Carey discusses the 2nd half of the winter season and the effects the extreme cold and record snowfall had on the oil industry. We also discuss how you can upgrade and save with Mass Save Rebates; we try to answer “Will oil Prices Remain Low?”;… Read More

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Jamie Oil Beats Mayhem

Spring 2014 Newsletter

In this issue In the Spring 2014 Newsletter edition, Jamie Oil Beats Mayhem; we discuss the “Budget Program” for customers to better manage their heating expenses; Introduce you to Jamie Oil’s father and son team; Answer “A Few Questions After a Cold Winter”; and introduce you to one of the best innovations in the air… Read More

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Jamie Oil Goes Green

Spring 2008 Newsletter

In this Issue In the Spring 2008 Newsletter edition, we discuss how to “Use your Energy Efficiently”; Jamie Oil Goes Green; Introduce you to Mike Hutchinson in our Employee Profile section; Talk about our popular “Budget Program”; Give you a update on our “Locked-In Price Program”; And “10 Reasons to Love Jamie Oil”.

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Ten Years of Change

Summer 2007 Newsletter

In this issue “The weather was warm and the prices still went up.” a senior citizen told me this past winter. She was right. Looking back on how things were ten years ago, it seems as if they were simpler then. In this issue of our newsletter, we look back on the last ten years,… Read More

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Another Year of Crazy Prices!

Spring 2006 Newsletter

In this Issue… Another year of crazy prices, and they do not appear to be dropping anytime soon. In this issue of our newsletter we will look at the availability of fixed price programs, educate you on ways to lower your heating costs, introduce you to our general manager, Rick Auen and bring you up… Read More

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