Three Kinds of Heating Oil Companies

Three Jamie Oil Trucks

After you have been in the same business in the same area for over twenty years, you should be able to figure out just what is going on. While it seems as if a new company pops up selling heating oil just about every few months, all providers of retail home heating oil fall into… Read More

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FDR and Something to Remember

National Archives and Records Administration / Public domain

To most people, the acronym FDR stands for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 34th President of the United States, who worked brilliantly with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in an effort to save democracy and win World War II. At Jamie Oil, FDR means something entirely different. To us FDR stands for the three most important… Read More

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Ken’s Oil and Heating

Picture of Ken's Oil and Heating Oil Trucks.
Ken's Oil teams up with Jamie Oil to meet growing demands.

As most of you may already know, Ken’s Oil and Heating of Millbury, MA has teamed up with another company serving Worcester county this past winter. In the fall of 2018, Ken Andrews was faced with a tough decision. His small, local company was expanding rapidly, however he didn’t have the oil burner technicians, fuel… Read More

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Metrowest Merges with JOC

Keith Proia
Proia in as New GM

After almost three years of providing evening and weekend emergency service for Metrowest clients, all operations of Metrowest Fuel Service was merged into Jamie Oil.  Keith Proia, a Framingham native, who was the owner of Metrowest, will stay on at Jamie Oil as Jamie’s new General Manager. Proia brings almost forty years of heating and… Read More

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Metrowest and Jamie Oil Merge

Summer 2017 Newsletter

In this Issue In the Summer of 2017 Newsletter Issue Jamie Oil announces it’s merger with Metrowest Oil; Answers questions and reveals the “Secret Formula”?; Discusses the fall of oil prices after the OPEC meeting; Jamie Oil reveals it is now a distributor for Carrier Products; and introduces our new Tank Insurance Program.

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And Then It Snowed…

Spring 2015 Newsletter

In this Issue In the 2015 Spring Newsletter edition, Tom Carey discusses the 2nd half of the winter season and the effects the extreme cold and record snowfall had on the oil industry. We also discuss how you can upgrade and save with Mass Save Rebates; we try to answer “Will oil Prices Remain Low?”;… Read More

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Jamie Oil Beats Mayhem

Spring 2014 Newsletter

In this issue In the Spring 2014 Newsletter edition, Jamie Oil Beats Mayhem; we discuss the “Budget Program” for customers to better manage their heating expenses; Introduce you to Jamie Oil’s father and son team; Answer “A Few Questions After a Cold Winter”; and introduce you to one of the best innovations in the air… Read More

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Howie Oil Merges with Jamie Oil

Tom Howie, Former Howie Oil Owner
Deal included vast oil storage facility, greatly enhanced Jamie Oil’s ability to purchase and store oil more economically.

In 2009 Howie Oil, a Millis based company with over one thousand customers, merged with Jamie Oil Company (JOC). The deal included Howie’s vast oil storage facility, which can hold up to one hundred and forty thousand gallons of heating oil and diesel fuels. This move greatly enhanced Jamie Oil’s ability to purchase and store oil… Read More

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Jamie Oil Goes Green

Spring 2008 Newsletter

In this Issue In the Spring 2008 Newsletter edition, we discuss how to “Use your Energy Efficiently”; Jamie Oil Goes Green; Introduce you to Mike Hutchinson in our Employee Profile section; Talk about our popular “Budget Program”; Give you a update on our “Locked-In Price Program”; And “10 Reasons to Love Jamie Oil”.

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