Month: June 2017

To lock in or not to lock in…

Every summer our customers wrestle with whether to lock in to a fixed price program, a capped price program or pay our daily market rate for oil deliveries next season. Below please find ten things you should know prior to making your decision. It is your decision. Jamie Oil neither encourages nor requires any customer… Read More

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Will Oil Prices Remain Low?

Every year many of our customers wrestle with this issue. Should they lock in before prices rise in the winter? Should they wait and see what prices do in the fall, and perhaps lock in then? Should they pass on the opportunity to enter into a fixed rate contract and hope to “ride the market… Read More

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Metrowest and Jamie Oil Merge

Summer 2017 Newsletter

In this Issue In the Summer of 2017 Newsletter Issue Jamie Oil announces it’s merger with Metrowest Oil; Answers questions and reveals the “Secret Formula”?; Discusses the fall of oil prices after the OPEC meeting; Jamie Oil reveals it is now a distributor for Carrier Products; and introduces our new Tank Insurance Program.

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